Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've received quite a bit of feedback about my AT or PCT question. The consensus is about evenly split as to which trail.

One person suggests I flip a coin (It came out 4 out of 5 for doing the PCT), and another suggests I do not just the AT or the PCT, but the whole triple crown - AT, PCT, and CDT! And yet another person thinks I should shelve my wandering ways and crack the books down at college instead.

Just now, I got the best fan letter ever. Here's a snippet:
Just as the lady in the library, I have followed your exploits for over a year
now. I have come to deeply respect you as a force of nature capable of
overcoming just about any obstacle with a deep compassion, intellect, and
outgoing personality that is rare among people in these times. You can
do the PCT! Think of the adventures waiting!

Ok, just for that brilliant compliment, I'll do the PCT. :-) That, and the coin toss. As Sugarbush found out, you just can't argue with a coin toss....

Coolness, PCT it is! Now to just tell Fred. And get my gear together. And figure out where to store my stuff. And how to get there. And I suppose I should buy the PCT data book et. al, so I know where to send food and get water.

I've now gotten over my guilt of using this time in my life to galavant around the country instead of being responsible and holding down a 'real' job and life. I could get run over by a truck tomorrow. Once I woke up in a hospital bed and found out I would never be able to walk again, would I really wish I had put a damper on my travelling and worked 50 weeks a year instead?

This is summed up much more eloquently by another letter I received recently:

Thanks for the entertaining journals. Though I don't know you I do enjoy
living vicariously through some of your adventures. I'm a little older
than you & got stuck in the life that society expects. What I now
realize it that once you go to that place it's hard to break away and get back a
real life of adventure & wonder! Whatever you choose, have a great time.

Thanks! Will do.

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