Tuesday, March 21, 2006

AT or PCT?

Both are such good trails, how do I decide?

From here in Austin, it's 1,252 miles to Campo, CA and the PCT. From here to Dahlonega, GA, and the start of the AT, it's 1,028 miles.

The weather patterns this year will be a neutral to mild La Nina, meaning it'll pretty much stay like it is, or be slightly drier than normal. Lack of water is a big concern for PCT hikers, AT hikers really only need to worry about how many hurricane remnants will dump on them this year. Evidently last year was a doozy...Wicked wet for all those poor, soggy ATers, and the PCTers found streams that normally are dry as a bone running full with luscious water.

Which one do you think I should hike this year, and why? Drop me a line at Royalepain@aol.com and let me know. :-)

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