Saturday, March 18, 2006


Austin wants me to stay. Again...

I was stopped at a red light along Stassney yesterday, thinking about leaving Austin to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. When the light turned, I leaned into the pedals and started across the intersection. SNAP! WHAM! One of my spokes broke and my chain derailed at the same instant, causing me to lurch forward and fall, rather ungracefully, splat onto the pavement. I got back up and limped across traffic to a nearby bus stop. Everybody staaaaaared. How embarrassing! My front wheel was totally whacked out of shape, so I rode the bus to Bicycle Sport Shop and dropped it off for them to fix, then walked to work.

Work was good. When I told my boss about the bicycle incident, she suggested I get a ride home from Chris, another employee. He's given a bunch of other people rides in the past, including our boss. After work, Chris, his sister and I went back to his house. We ended up talking and playing Pictionary, Uno, and Phase Ten with both his sisters and his dad until 3am. (My team won, woohoooooooo!) I ended up spending the night, then getting a ride back to my house in the morning.

I realize this isn't the most coherent entry, but you try composing something intelligent after 3 hours of sleep! Mmmm, sleep...

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