Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fun and games with people

Trouble ahoy, matey! Sound the alarm and start the preventative measures now before it's too late! The sticky situation in this case is me. I'm young and female and living with Fred, and that spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e to Fred's girlfriend.

Fred is 52, his girlfriend a couple of years younger. Tomorrow she's coming over to meet me. This is my chance to be as mousily unobtrusive as possible. Apparently she was the one who supported Fred getting a roomie, but now she's having second thoughts. I guess she feels slightly threatened that Fred is now living with a female, and it's not her.

I suppose if I had a boyfriend who suddenly aquired a female roomate, I'd feel threated too. The *bad* part of this is, Fred and I are getting along famously. He's wonderful! He's like the happy, enthusiastic dad I never had. He proof reads my job applications and gives advice, chides me to be careful about bike riding and locking the doors, we talk about politics and the sorry state of Bush, and he happily eats the cookies I've been baking. Fred is like the perfect roommate/landlord, and this is the perfect house.

I suppose it's good for Fred and his girlfriend, because I'm the first thing they've really argued about. It will help them discover if they work out issues well together. But why do *I* have to be in the middle? Hmmph. Where's my stunt double when I need one?

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