Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My New Job

After church on Sunday, I cruised downtown to check out the sites and sounds. I went to an impromptou interview at around 2pm and spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautifully sunny day. That night at 8pm, the place I had interviewed at called back and asked if I could start work the next morning at 7:30. Uhhh....sure!

I worked my first day wearing my cycling sandals and a pair of black fleecy pajama pants I had borrowed from Stacy in San Diego. My new workplace has a dress code, but the manager didn't have a cow over my unconventional attire - he knew it was tough to buy cheap black pants and close-toed shoes after 8pm on a Sunday. After work on Monday, I bought some at Thrift World for $6.43. I'm now down to $1.45 in my bank account and about $2 in loose change to my name.

I haven't decided how much info about my job I'm going to tell you guys yet. Let's just say for now, that I'm in food service.

Today was spent learning the ropes about the specialized food products we do. Apparently I'm doing a good job - Gary (manager guy), came over and asked how I felt about Dallas .... there's an event coming up, and they want to bring some experienced people over to work the event, put them up in a hotel, feed 'em, etc. They consider me experienced now. Cool! I like going for rides, I'll go. :-)

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