Friday, July 16, 2004

Blogger's Block

Everytime I sit down to write something these days, my mind goes blank. It's not for lack of content - so many interesting things have happened lately! Like when I pulled up to the community center to drop off tools and this car pulled in next to me.  The driver said, "Hi Heather!" I had no idea who he was... turns out he was from the Carolinas and was in the neighborhood to give me a van repair manual. He knew who I was because he recognized my face from the web. Cool! Good book, too.
Today I took Sam to her graduation from swim lessons. She has now passed the Red Cross level 4. There were a lot of wierd mothers there. They were all very shallow and had a mean edge to them. I hope I don't turn into a superficial windbag in my old age. Instead, I'd like to be a domestic goddess.  I'll write about that after supper.

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