Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mayhem and destruction!

I came home from painting the community center and spent some quality time with my new couch. I wrote in my paper journal for the first time since June, did a bunch of reading, and listened to some swing music. I started to feel really antsy. I did the best thing I could think of in that situation ... I went upstairs with my 24 ounce hammer and busted out my old window frame. I took a picture of the dust plume that poofed up when the frame hit the ground.

My new window comes on Thursday.

In the meantime, it's nice and breezy upstairs. I'm thinking of building a small platform under the window, like a mini balcony. Maybe I'll start getting serenaded. :-)

There are a couple of pictures over on my mom's blog.


Rob Cole said...

Hi Heather,

Isn't your house relatively new? Did you need to bust out the window frame, or did you just decide to change the kind/size of the window?

Heather said...

Umm Yeah...I kinda accidentally knocked the upper portion of the double hung window off of its tracks while I was cleaning it last spring. It shattered into a million pieces onto the ground below. I bought a better quality one this time. The previous window was taken from a free pile along the side of the road.

FollowBob.com said...

Forget the balcony...
Install a slide ;)