Sunday, July 04, 2004

Heather's World Relocation?

Painting my house is on hold. My aunt Liz has decided she wants to move into my house while she and her husband hunt for land in Vermont. They're moving here in a month or two, as soon as they sell their house in Arizona and pack everything up.

We're going to convert the bed in my former room into bunk beds so Sam's sister Charlotte can live in there with her. That leaves me with the option of building another dwelling to live in, or living in my van.

Speaking of my van...yesterday we had two women visit. They showed me where the bolt to loosen the tension on my drive belts was located. Woohoo! It shouldn't be too long before I'm ready to bring it in for inspection. I need to complete 15 more driving trips to qualify for cheaper insurance needs to be instated before I can bring the vehicle anywhere.

It's going to be so nice to finally have my own car! I've been collecting a bumper sticker collection for it. The other day I slapped a new one on, "Forget love, I want to fall in chocolate" :-)

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