Saturday, July 31, 2004

Extreme Ironing

Here's a way to spice up boring ironing jobs...Extreme Ironing!


Anonymous said...

I have one to many burn scars from trying to iron just in my bathroom. I would probably not survive attempting it anywhere else. However, I am always up for a challenge. My first attempt will on my next camping adventure. I will have the best pressed attire on the trail. I wonder how far that will get me?

Anonymous said...

I was looking through you're archives and I don't think you have ever answered this question but if you have I apologize - how much has your house cost you to build? I don't have a house but I sure would like one. I don't have any money though and I sure don't want any. So I am hoping sweat and toil and maybe a dollar or 2 will be enough.

Heather said...

Some day I'l have to get the lumber store to print me up a billing history, weed through my other receipts, and come up with a semi-accurate tally of my house expenditures. This page isn't that far off:

Heather's House Budget