Thursday, July 29, 2004

Heather's Window

My window came in! I got up at the crack of dawn this morning, stole Peter's truck, and went on a field trip to the lumber store. The guys there were trying to convince me that one of the panes had broken during shipment. Uh huh.

Right now it's still in the packaging, laying on the floor next to my couch. I think I'll build a mini balcony outside before installing it. I need a place to stand when I finally side that section anyhoo.

Work today was painting at the community center, the porch of another house, and going over to the town garage to measure it. The town wants the entire building painted, including the roof. Just the roof measures over 5,000 square feet. Eek! I'm online tonight to price some compressors, hoses and spray guns.

4 comments: said...

Im still rooting for the slide outside the window!!! What a great way to get out of your house. Hell, you could even make it a tunnel slide with a big turn in it ;)

And what the smell do they want the roof painted for?
If its angled tile it, if its flat tar it. Right? Crazy people.

Anonymous said...

and if it's metal?

Anonymous said...

connie here again - heather look what comes up when you accidentally leave out the "s" in blogspot....
i know you get a kick out of checking stuff out.

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