Friday, July 09, 2004


Apparently dozens of you people have been putting in the key words "Heather's butt" and other variations into multiple search engines after reading my post about it. Amusing. :-) Who knew my butt was so famous?

Last night at the library I picked up some Scientific American's, Psychology Today, Utne, and books on carpentry, the zen of making a living, and one on pilates. I want to get back into the great shape I was in last year. I also picked up some brochures on the local colleges and other interesting courses offered in the area. I'd really like to take some first aid courses this year. Time to dig up some grants and get certified as a Wilderness First Responder or a Wilderness EMT.

I'm starting to branch out more and become more sociable. It's nice having a driver's license...I can steal the car and go to interesting presentations whenever I want.'s raining today, that sounds like a good idea...

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