Thursday, July 15, 2004

Heather and her Melons

Like my melons? Not the cantelopes...
Today I experiemented with a low cut shirt and a cleavage enhancing bra. I'm not normally breast-centric, but you have to understand that I've never had any material to work with before....until this year, when I gained weight and went up almost a cup size.
It is amazing how people treated me differently when they could see my cleavage!  Men were falling all over themselves to help me, cars would stop on a dime when I crossed the street, and I received better and faster service at a number of stores.
It was funny watching people stare at my cleavage, then realize what they were doing and try to pretend they hadn't been looking. There was a really sweet and nice MRI tech at the hospital who walked mom and I out to where she was getting her test. His eyes kept wandering to my chest. He would realize what he was doing and quickly look away, somewhat embarassed. 
On a side note, you know how supermarket check-out people ask "Is plastic OK?" I always wish they would instead ask, "Paper or plastic?" So I could say, "It doesn't matter, I'm bi-sacksual" Today was the first time in years they asked the proper question. I didn't tell them I was bisacksual though, because the check-out guy had been staring at my chest the entire time. It didn't seem like the right thing to say at the moment. :-)

It's amazing how two lumps of fat that intersect to create a line on my chest can so totally affect the way people treat me. It boggles my mind!

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Anonymous said...

its because your mammary glands are there to feed our yet unborn children. We see you as a good vehicle to pass our genes on. and they feel nice when you play with them I suppose.