Thursday, July 08, 2004


Was planning on going to a talk/slideshow/exhibit about the Costa Rican rainforest tonight. When I got to the library, the presenter was giving off terrible, boring, ego-maniac vibes, so I spent that hour browsing the books instead. (Besides, there were no cute guys in attendence. Priorities!)

Went grocery shopping afterwards for some salad and Jane's crazy mixed up pepper. I had no idea it was that expensive! I use the stuff with abandon. My favorite is steaming 3 cups of green beans, adding half a stick of butter, and seasoning it with lots of the aforementioned pepper and crazy mixed up salt. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Last night I buzzed mom on the intercom from my house to let her know I was back. Didn't hear anything, so I went to bed. Half an hour later I hear a big buuuuuuurrrrp over the intercom. It's the official Martin greeting. :-) I need to start answering the phone like that. Scare away some telemarketers.

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