Sunday, July 25, 2004

Yard Sales

Yesterday Mom, Angela, Sam and I drove to the Montpelier Farmer's Market and then to some yard sales.  We got to one sale just as they were toting everything from the sale to the free pile. It took up their entire front lawn. We toted away armloads of good books, cooking implements, 5 pairs of cross country skis, 3 pairs of boots, and one pair of downhill skis and boots that fit me perfectly.

At sales where we actually bought things, I got a feather bed to go in my van. I'm going to lay down a couple of my camping mattresses side by side, then foam we have laying around, then the feather bed. It's going to be a really comfy nest. I slept on the featherbed last night. It was soooooo comfy.

I also bought some lightweight nylon pants for 25 cents each to use as summer work pants. Carhartts are just too hot to wear when it's 80+ out.

I submitted my Yestermorrow internship application on Friday. I won't know if they want me until almost October. If they do, I'll be working there until January. It seems like a good thing to do in the dead of winter, especially considering I won't be able to live in my house then. Aunt Liz and family are moving into my house within the next two weeks. Her husband Eric is good with cars and has promised to help me with my van. Woohoo!

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